Monday, March 1, 2010

Daily Journal Tuesday 2nd March 2010

I Am Indestructible!

S - "Everyone will hate you because of me. But not a hair of your head will perish. Stand firm, and you will win life." Luke 21:17-19

- Jesus was warning that tough times were up ahead. His followers would be persecuted, even family members would betray them and some will even be killed. To sum up all that lay ahead, Jesus says, "Everyone will hate you because of me." But the encouragement for them (and for us) is "not a hair of your head will perish."   This can't be true literally speaking because many died in the fall of Jerusalem and many Christians have died down the ages, not just hair perishing but their whole body being stoned, burn or drowned. What did Jesus mean?

What he meant was of great encouragement to those who love Jesus and are even facing death. Jesus said that "not one hair on your head will perish" and "Stand firm, you will win life." Spiritual life and eternal life cannot be taken away from by persecution and death. Though people kill us, we will have heavenly bodies, not a hair out of place, that will never corrupt, that will never die. One condition - stand firm!

A - I am indestructible! ...if I stand firm in Christ. Today, I will remember that nothing can stop me from having eternal life. Jesus has given it to me and nothing can take it away. I will also have boldness in my sharing, knowing fear of my own life is a misplaced fear!

P - As I prepare for my weekend message - "Trust God Whatever the Circumstances," help me to remember that trusting you leads to life eternal - whatever the circumstances. Thank-you Father.

Daily Reading - Luke 21

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