Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daily Journal for Thursday 3rd of September 2009


S - "For I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me - and they praised God, who had given such authority to men" Matthew 8:9;9:8b

O - This Centurion Solider would have had many men to lead and also leaders he would have reported to as well. It seems as if he really knew his position within the whole cause of furthering the Roman Empire's kingdom.

God is incredible that He should "gift" authority to us all, but in this gifting there is a recognition that there will be others with greater authority - to which we acknowledge and honour and there will be those who will have to recognise that perhaps we have greater authority and responsibility than they. The challenge is understanding our rightful position and embracing it and honouring those with greater authority and serving those with less. At the same time praising God as together we work for one cause and that is to further God's kingdom.

A - I need to keep before me the tension and balance of joy and challenge as I continue to honour those with greater authority in my life 0 and also rejoice in the challenge of continually serving those to whom I have greater authority over (and to actually accept the authority that God has given me!), so as the kingdom of God is built up. How important it is to never move beyond your rightful position and take advantage of this.

P - Dear Jesus, what an awesome thing it is that you would give such authority to man. Teach me and correct me when I either don't embrace this authority as you give - or use it in ways that usurp its influence. Amen

Daily Reading - Matthew 8-9


  1. Compassion For the Crowds

    S - When he saw the crowds he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Matthew 9:36

    O - Jesus saw the crowds. He noticed them. He didn't ignore them. In fact, he cared about them and the fact that they had no-one to lead them, guide them, care for them. They were harassed and helpless. Jesus cares about lost world. Our world is harassed and helpless. So many are stressed, busy, exhausted, and feel helpless, hopless, and unable to change their situation. Jesus wants to love them, care for them and lead them.

    A - I often think that people actually don't like Jesus and are happy how they are. I guess people are often not responsive to religion and rules and because they can't see how the church can help. People around me are harassed and do feel helpless and Jesus feels their pain and wants to heal and lead them.

    By God's grace, Jesus' love and compassion saved me. I will show love to others by talking more about Jesus with people I meet and by seeking to see them and Jesus sees them, with compassion.

    P - Father, today, give me an opportunity to share with one harassed and helpless of your love, compassion and care for them. Amen.

  2. Matthew 8 & 9 Faith and the voice of God

    S~ Matt 8:10b ….I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.
    O~ There are many examples in these 2 chapters where Jesus heals the sick/dead because of their ‘faith’. It is because of their great faith and Jesus compassion for them. Many believed enough to be healed without having Jesus physically in the room. His word was going to be enough for them. This shows real commitment and that they must have known Jesus enough to know his word was enough to heal them/their beloved one.
    A~ Is my faith strong enough to obey without God being physically here. I need to be in His word constantly to hear Him and know His voice. Obey Him even in impossible situations. Trust Him in every situation.
    P~ Lord, strengthen my relationship with you daily. Help me to commit to you each day and to listen to your voice – and act in FAITH. Amen

    Matthew 9:22 Jesus turned and saw her 'Take heart, daughter,' He said 'your faith has healed you'. And the woman was healed from that moment.

    This woman who had this bleeding problem for 12 YEARS came up behind Jesus and touched the edge of his cloak 'if I only touch his cloak, I will be healed'

    1. As she touched Jesus' cloak she BELIEVED SHE WOULD BE HEALED.
    2. Jesus was immediately aware that she touched Him and replied YOUR FAITH HAS HEALED YOU.

    Everyday I can know by coming in close to Jesus, I can touch the hem of His garment, He WILL meet my every need.

    Help me to see your wonderful works and rejoice in your love. Praise God. Let my Faith grow in the measure given to me. Amen

  4. I'm not sure I understand what Gazza is saying? When he says that people should never move beyond their rightful position. What does he mean?

  5. Matt 8:33 The herdsmen fled to the city with the story of what had happened (after Jesus spoke and the demons in 2 men entered a herd of pigs- ran over a cliff and drowned)- and the entire population came rushing out to see Jesus and "begged" Him to go away and leave them alone!
    Jesus restored the lives of 2 demon possessed / dangerous men but for some reason this isn't what the people in the city saw- they saw the other side- what it COST them- their herd of pigs were gone- maybe their livelihood/money. They saw the cost and not the miracle performed. Why are we all so scared of change at times? If my faith continues to grow as I hold on in Truth, I know inside, that when God does something and things begin to change it's for the better. He knows our deepest needs and sees the finish as well as the start. If they had given Him a moment of time, just a little later He said "It isn't your sacrifices and your gifts I want- I want you to be merciful".
    -That's the key- for me. People. It's people that are most important. If we say we love God and don't love people we are liers! We must love God with all we have within us, AND love others as ourselves. So if i'm talking about my money- I have to ask myself..."am I using it to help someone?" or if i'm talking about my time "Am I giving some of that away to bless others?"
    He desires MERCY not judgement of others (that is HIS job!). Lord this is so simple. Your ways truly are light. But without you I can do no good thing. Would You open my eyes and heart each day, to be looking for how I can help others- whether it's long term commitment or a moment in time where someone simply needs a hand. Teach me to be 'merciful' in the way that You desire. I love You