Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daily Journaling for Wednesday 16th September 2009

God Will Always Overcome!

S - "You are my own dear Son. I am pleased with you. At once, the Spirit made him go into the desert" Mark 1:11b - 12a

O - Isn't it interesting that somehow when we experience a deep encounter with God, either in prayer, contemplation, or through reading His Word, there is often an accompanying challenge. When we look back, we realise that God has been preparing us, strengthening us, for what we cannot see, but for which we are so grateful for His empowerment. Jesus has just been baptized, and God spoke powerfully from heaven and said, "you are my own dear Son, I am pleased with you". Such wonderful praise and affirmation. Then the scriptures tell us, "At once," the Spirit made him go into the desert. Often we too experience a desert event fairly soon after a healing, or a deeper commitment to Jesus, or a breakthrough in our spiritual walk. The enemies' plans seem so predictable. But we have to remember that as we remain in Jesus, we will overcome any temptation or desert experience, just as Jesus did.

A - In my walk with God, I need to remember that the enemy is always prowling around ready to devour. His attacks will always seem unexpected, yet I should remind myself that he is predictable, and a pertinent time is when I have had a particularly deep or richer experience of God. I also must remember that Jesus overcame and that I too will, as I remain in Him.

P - Heavenly Father, please help me to remain alert, to you alone, and to always trust you in every circumstance. Amen

Daily Reading Matthew 28 - Mark 1

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  1. Clasping His Feet
    S - Suddenly Jesus met them. "Greetings," he said. They came to him, clasped his feet and worshipped him." Matthew 28:9

    O - The women who sat opposite the tomb on the day Christ was crucified and buried now clasped his resurrected feet and worshipped him. To clasp means to hold onto, to grasp, to grab. If they clasped his feet they must have been down on the ground. They were in awe, they may have been afraid. Probably both.

    This verse is filled with emotion. The grief turns to overwhelming joy. Clasping hands confirm the reality. He is risen! Worship is the appropriate response.

    A - As true today as that first easter morning are the words, "He is risen!" He is alive. The grief-filled women confirmed it. Their clasping hands turned their sorrow to joy. I believe it too. My sorrow has turned to joy. The appropriate response to this truth today and tomorrow and everyday is worship!

    P - Thank-you Jesus. You have conquered sin and death, and you are alive! I worship you! Amen.