Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daily Journal for Monday 20th September 2009

Shocking View of Greatness

S - "Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant" Mark 10:43

O - Everyone wants to be noticed. Everyone wants to be told they are great. How shocking it is to understand that Jesus taught us a totally opposite way to achieve greatness. To be great, we have to become "small". We have to not be noticed! In fact, we actually have to kill off pride, and humble ourselves and serve others. I truly believe that this is a totally shocking view of greatness. It is not as the world sees it. Yet I understand it. I understand that when you help others, something inside happens to you that confirms the truth of this principle. You know its right. You know that God is honoured. You know that God is pleased. And this is the key to greatness. Pleasing and obeying God, dying to self, and having His life enlarged in yours, through following His principles, is a key to life and greatness.

A - That I could learn to have the joy of serving others daily. That I would throw off the desire to be noticed, and instead respond in obedience to God daily. In that process I know that joy becomes overwhelming in my life, and this creates a true sense of fullness.

P - Dear Jesus, help me to continue to have a joy which delights in obeying you and serving others. May the world continue to know you through the acts of mercy and love I can show to others I pray. Thankyou for the amazing example of your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, who modelled perfect servanthood. Amen.

Daily Reading Mark Chapters 10&11

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