Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daily Journaling for Monday 26th October 2009


S - " - we hear them declare the wonders of God in our own tongues!" Acts 2: 11b

O - Tongues of fire had just descended on the followers who were gathered in together in Jerusalem. The day of Pentecost had arrived. The followers were all from Galilee. Yet strangely, as they spoke, they spoke in languages from every country and tribe. The wider crowd of pilgrims who had gathered at Jerusalem heard them and were amazed because they were speaking in their different languages. Such a miracle of God. In fact, the book of Acts chronicles so many miracles performed, this time, not by Jesus, but by his Holy Spirit through his disciples. Even with all the excitement and marvel at the miraculous, it all comes down to one thing, - praising the wonders of God. Raising people from the dead, healing those who are crippled, speaking in strange languages, becoming emboldened through the Holy Spirit; these are all important, but fade into insignificance, in comparison to praise and worship of our amazing God.

A - Many times I think we get distracted, even in church, how the sermon went, what is our strategic plan, how many people attended the services, what needs are there that we have to provide for in the church etc, and we forget the one very important thing. Like Mary, sitting at Jesus' feet, we forget that we are here primarily, to worship and praise our amazing God.

P - Dear Lord of Heaven, Father God, you are a wondrous and amazing God, and we are in awe of you. Thankyou for your majesty and glory and beauty. Amen

Daily Reading from Acts, Chapters 2&3

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