Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily Journal for Thursday 12th of August 2010

Growing Wiser and Stronger

S - Jesus became wise, and he grew strong. God was pleased with him and so were the people. Luke 2:52 CEV

O - Each day that unfolded in Jesus, the twelve year old's life, became a another day to either choose to do the right thing or to not. He chose to do the wise thing. As he acted wisely, he grew strong. And as he grew strong God was pleased with him. And the people were also pleased with him. They were delighted in his knowledge, they were amazed at the answers he gave. Soon they would realise that he was the light of the world.

A - Jesus lived in such a way that he became wise. Jesus lived in such a way that he grew strong. How can I grow in wisdom today? How can I grow in strength today? Feeding my mind and taking care of my body is so important to pleasing God and people. If I am unwise I will not be able to help people and lead them well. If I am unhealthy I will not have the energy needed to serve well, the endure in the race, and to finish well.

Growing wise involves reading, understanding and living out God's Word in my own life first. It involves listening to and learning from others. It requires that I read widely and reflect often. Being wise requires the self-discipline to change what I know is wrong and start doing what is wise instead. It means praying for wisdom from the one true God who knows everything.

Growing in strength involves resting as well as working. It means getting enough sleep so that I am not tired throughout the day. It means exercising regularly (everyday for 30 minutes!) so that my heart is strong and my energy levels are high. It means eating well, fruit and vegetables. Less bad fats and more of the good type. It means finding life-giving hobbies and activities other than work so that I laugh often and am full of joy!

P - God, I want to please you, I really do! I want to feel your smile, your delight. Help me to grow in wisdom and strength so that you and all those who know me are pleased with my progress! Thanks for Jesus' incredible example of growth and strength. His continually trust and dependence on you is what I long to emulate. Amen.

Daily Reading - Luke 2

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