Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily Journal for Tuesday 18th of January 2011

Obeying Whatever the Cost

S - "Do not lay a hand on the boy," he said. "Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your own son." Genesis 22:12

O - God knew that Abraham feared him because he was even willing to sacrifice his son Isaac in order to obey God. This was incredible because Isaac was the promised son. He was the one that Sarah laughed about. The thought of having a child at her age was a joke to her. Abraham had just sent off Hagar and Ishmael because God had said it was going to be okay because, "it is through Isaac that your offspirng will be reckoned" (Gen 21:12). So Abraham trusted God and let any back up plan he may've had for God to fulfill his promise of a nation go. The promise was all to do with Isaac now. Then God says, "Sacrifice him..." (Gen 22:2). This must have seemed crazy to Abraham. "But what about the promise?" (see Genesis 12:1-3). "How else will a nation be born through me?" "What other way is there that you can fulfill the promise?" "It's not fair!" "I can't be hearing right." "No."

But scriptures don't record Abraham making any of these responses. Rather God says, "You have not withheld from me your own Son." Rather than telling God that he knew better, Abraham obeyed.

A - Trusting God, whatever the circumstances can be difficult but Abraham did it. Obeying God, whatever the cost - even when it seems to be putting the promises of God out of reach is very difficult, yet Abraham did it.

In my life, I feel that God has called me to make as great an impact on people's lives for Jesus as possible. I would love people to say about me that I helped them see Jesus. I would love them to be able to point to all the people that they have helped come to know and follow Jesus too. If I pursue this purpose only how I think best, I can miss what God might be asking me to do. What might appear hard or out of the ordinary I might ignore. But I must not ignore God's leading. Trust and obedience no matter what the circumstances or the cost will show that I love and fear the Lord.

P - Father, I pray that you would know without a doubt that I love you and am in awe of you. May my obedience to you no matter what SHOUT it to you every day. Amen.

Daily Readings - Genesis 21-22 & Matthew 13:1-23

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