Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Divine Mentor

On Monday 31st of August the people of the Wodonga District Baptist Church are beginning to spend time together being mentored by God through the pages of the Bible. Each morning we will gather at 6.30am to read together in silence for 20 mins, to journal using SOAP for 20 mins, and to share with each other what we have heard God saying to us.

We will use the following Bible reading plan starting at the beginning of the New Testament...

Mon 31st of August - Matthew 1-3
Tue 1st of September - Matthew 4-5
Wed 2nd of September - Matthew 6-7
Thu 3rd of September - Matthew 8-9
Fri 4th of September - Matthew 10-11

People will be invited to continue this habit each day on their own or with others in groups wherever suits.
The SOAP method is explained in Wayne Cordeiro's book "The Divine Mentor" an is simple reading the daily readings asking God to speak to you through a verse. After completing the reading write an "S" and write the verse out in full. Then write an "O" and make observations about the verse. What's happening in the verse? What's God saying? Then write an "A" and write out an application to your life. What will you do as a result of what you have read and observed? Then write a "P" and write out your prayer to God. Examples of daily SOAP readings can be found by clicking on the link "Pastor's blog on the right hand side of the page.
God wants to mentor you through the pages of Scripture so join in, follow the blog and post your daily journal entries in the comments section each day.
Come with a prayerful open heart and let's what God might do in and through us!


  1. from BRIAN McGORLICK (typed by Karen..smile)
    31st August. Mention of women in a Jewish genealogy is unusual and these four women were certainly that. TAMAR became pregnant by seducing her father in law, RAHAB was a women of ill repute and not Jewish, RUTH was a Moabitess who married into Israel, and Bathsheba was an adulteress.
    A. God's grace is being shown to us in the very first gospel and His plan to include all in the offer of salvation.
    P. Thank you Lord, for encouragement that despite our sins we have forgiveness.

  2. We see how God is a God of order. He fits all the pieces together perfectly. It is important to see the Geneology of Jesus.
    Mary, Joseph and John the Baptist
    Firstly, Mary is chosen to be the mother of Jesus, double wow, how amazing is that.
    Then Joseph, he is chosen to be the father and provider of Jesus.
    The verse that struck me was Matt 1:20 where Joseph was not going to marry Mary, at that most important moment an angel of the Lord appears to Joseph 'Do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit' wow - Joseph is faithful again and again, he is faithful and consistent and able to hear the guidance from God.
    Same for John the Baptist, he is chosen to fulfil scripture by preparing the way of the Lord. He knows what he is called to do. When he sees Jesus- he knows, HE KNOWS, who Jesus is. Jesus is Son of the Living God.
    I am chosen too - to follow Jesus.
    Thank you Lord for calling me.